Our ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 accredited factory is located at Henggang, Longgang, Shenzhen, China. It occupies 300,000 square ft of area and equipped with over 35 integrated production lines and fully automatic SMT machines. All production processes are carried in-house to ensure consistent quality.

Geographically, our factory is only 20 minutes away from the Yantian seaport, and 30 minutes away from the Hong Kong border, where products can be delivered on time and in the most efficient manner.

Our factory set up is vertically integrated and offering a one-stop shopping convenience for our customers. Our flexibility and fast turn around time enables us to meet tight schedules required by our customers.

Anticipating and fulfilling customers’ need is GCE spirit.

Research and Development
Being a leading telephony manufacturer, our team of experienced designers and engineers are dedicated to actively develop new products with new ideas every year. Our R&D team monitor closely on latest technology available in the market, from latest chipsets, component selection, to surface finishing. On the other hand, environmental requirements are periodically studied to ensure our products comply with the “green” requirements.

A professional development process is one of the success factors in OEM/ODM manufacturing. At GCE, we conduct feasibility studies, control plans, process & document flow, FMEA, & quality studies hand in hand with our OEM/ODM customers. We have to ensure lag time is minimized throughout the development cycle since time to market is imperative to our valued customers.

We foster a long-term relationship with our business partners by providing them competitive advantages with quality products. Through the years, we have earned our reputation in the industry in high volume quality manufacturing and pride ourselves on our professionalism and caring services.