Digital Cordless Phone


DECT Phone
2-Handset DECT Phone
Multi-Handset Cordless System
Digital Cordless Phone with Caller ID
Digital Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

  Caller ID Phone


Caller ID Phone (Russian CID available)
CID Phone with Phonebook Function
Type 2 CID Phone with Phonebook Function
Number/Name Talking Caller ID Phone
SMS Phone
2-Line Phone
CID Phone with Digital Answering Machine

  Big Button Telephone


Jumbo Keypad Telephone
Senior Telephone
Big Button Telephone with Hearing Aid Compatible
Large Button Phone with Enhanced Quality of Handset Receiver
Big Button DECT Phone
2 Handset Big Button DECT Phone

  GSM Wireless Telephone


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Wireless GSM Desktop Phone
Dualband or Quadband Wireless Desk Phone
with SMS Function

  Multi Function Phone


Feature Phone
Basic One-piece Phone
Trimline Telephone

  Design Phone


Retro Telephone
Classic Style Telephone
Retro Wireless Telephone
2 Handset Retro Cordless Telephone
GSM Retro Wireless Telephone

  Mobile Phone / Smartphone


Octacore 2.0G LTE processor / Android 4.4 Kit Kat / 4G LTE / 5.5 inch IPS FHD Display
Quadcore 1.3G processor / Android 4.2.2 / 3G / 4.5" or 5" inch IPS Display
Big Button Mobile Phone / Numeric Voice announcement / User Programmable font size / High resolution TFT display

  VoIP Telephone


Two RJ-45 10/100baseT Network Interfaces with Built-in 100M Switch;
29 Buttons Keypad;
4×20 Char-based LCD;
(Optional Pixel-based LCD);
LCD Backlight;
Headset 3.5mm Interface;
Built-in Full-duplex Speakerphone;



AC/DC Adapter